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At T³ we believe that the key component in bridging the gap between scientific innovation and commercial success is the development of a powerful and effective technology transfer strategy. This involves creativity, time, tenacity and an excellent team of professionals. Our commercialization strategies are customized to meet the requirements of each venture. It is this ability to adapt to the needs of investors and the market that has made T³ a winning pioneer in world-class technology transfer.


T³'s commercialization channels

  • Entrepreneur in Residence program, in which entrepreneurs are engaged in a joint effort to identify applications for technologies and to form start-up companies.
  • The licensing of Technion intellectual property (IP) to established companies.
  • Incorporation of spin-off companies based on Technion IP through within the framework of incubators.


T³ activities include

  • Analysis of new inventions and concepts developed at the Technion.
  • Protection & maintenance of IP.
  • Licensing technologies developed at the Technion.
  • Incorporation of spin-off companies based on Technion IP.
  • Support and investments in Technion affiliated companies.
  • Negotiation and approval of the IP and business aspects of agreements with industry.