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Accellta Life Sciences: Biologicals Embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell culturing technologies
Adicet Bio Life Sciences: Therapeutics Adicet Bio is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company engaged in the design and development of cutting-edge immunotherapies for cancer and other disease indications, with a focus on novel universal immune cell therapies (uICT).
Agileye Technologies Computer Sciences Image Processing, Image Analysis, and Robotics projects.
AlephBot IT & Enterprise Software: Miscellaneous Software Enables Electric-Powered Wheelchairs to move autonomously by transforming houses, institutes or public locations into smart, robot-friendly and structured environment.
Applied Immune Technologies (AIT) Life Sciences: Therapeutics T-Cell Receptor-Like (TCRL) antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications
Arcadia Biosciences Cleantech: Agro Technology Agricultural traits and products.
ARTsys360 Communications: Wireless Infrastructure Advanced radar technologies
Avraham Pharmaceuticals Life Sciences: Therapeutics Novel products for treatment and prevention of neurodegenerative disorders.
Bactusense Technologies Miscellaneous Technologies: Nanotechnology Nanotechnology solution for bacteria detection.
Barcode Diagnostics Life Sciences: Diagnostics Development of a unique, first-of-its-kind product that quickly and reliably assesses the efficacy of different cancer drugs directly on the tumor within the body to select the optimal personalized treatment for each patient. 
BEE (Best Emulsifying Equipment) International Miscellaneous Technologies: Industrial Technologies BEE International is a worldwide supplier of high pressure homogenizing systems
Biota Life Sciences: Medical Devices Drug delivery, development and commercialization of innovative bio-adhesives technologies and products.
Breathtec Biomedical (BBI) (QTCQB: BTHCF) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Breath analysis technology
Carticure Life Sciences: Therapeutics Development of innovative cartilage repair products.
Codota IT & Enterprise Software: Design & Development Tools Android code search engine
Cologuard Life Sciences: Medical Devices Development of an innovative anastomosis protection solution for colorectal surgery.
Convexum Miscellaneous Technologies: Defense Cybersecurity platform for taking over and landing rogue or malicious drones.
Corindus Vascular Robotics (OTCQB: CVRS) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Robotic-assisted percutaneous coronary interventions
Correlsense IT & Enterprise Software: Business Analytics Enterprise application performance management (APM)
Cortica Internet: Search Engines Cortica fundamentally revolutionizes how computers understand images by simulating the way our brain works.
Deep Learning Robotics Miscellaneous Technologies: Industrial Technologies Deep Learning Robotics is providing robotics and automation solutions to a wide range of industries.
Delta Digital-Physical Ecosystem Delta is a digital-physical ecosystem - An interactive bottle, pods and integrated app, for the personalization and consumption management of nutraceuticals with an enhanced product delivery and user experience.
DigiFlex Miscellaneous Technologies: Industrial Technologies Enhancing Printing Industry with Flexographic and Letterpress Plates
ElMindA Life Sciences: Medical Devices ElMindA has developed the BNA™ technology platform, which allows high resolution visualization and evaluation of the complex neuro-physiological interconnections of the human brain at work, capturing information on the composition, connectivity, synchronization and operation of brain networks.
Eloxx Pharmaceuticals Life Sciences: Therapeutics Eloxx is developing compounds for the treatment of genetic diseases caused by nonsense mutations including: Cystic fibrosis, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, Usher syndrome, Ataxia-telangiectasia, Beta thalassemia, Tay-Sachs Hurler syndrome and many others.
Eximo Medical Life Sciences: Medical Devices Hybrid Catheters For Interventional Procedures
FeelIT Communications: Wireless Applications Flexible sensing patch solutions.
GeneGrafts Life Sciences: Medical Devices Development of proprietary technology for modulating excitable tissues (e.g. Brain, Heart).
Inplant Technologies Cleantech: Agro Technology InPlant is developing delivery technologies to increase the mobility of agrochemical actives in the plant, enhancing their activity or reducing the required dosage, resulting in higher yields and lower environmental impact.
Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT) developed a system to detect & identify small quantities of biological material.
Invision Biometrics Semiconductors: Video, Image & Audio Geometrical image processing, three-dimensional data analysis, image and video manipulation.
Itamar Medical (TASE: ITMR) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Research and development of non-invasive medical devices for diagnosis of various medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease and respiratory disorders.
Kensee IT & Enterprise Software: Business Analytics Real estate investment platform.
Leadspace Internet: Search Engines Leadspace is an end-to-end predictive analytics platform built from the individual up, leading to real actionability and dramatic improvements in B2B sales and marketing effectiveness.
LiberDi Life Sciences: Medical Devices LiberDi develops a portable automatic system that reduces significantly the burden of installing and performing the current peritoneal dialysis, procedures used in the market today.
M.R.S Sleep Medical Centers Life Sciences: Diagnostics, Therapeutics Sleep disorder labs.
Mazor Robotics (TASE: MZOR), (NASDAQ: MZOR) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Mazor Robotics is a leading innovator in spine surgery - inspiring the art of surgery with robotic guidance systems and complementary products that provide a safer surgical environment.
Medic Vision Imaging Solutions Life Sciences: Medical Devices Medic Vision specializes in universal add-on turnkey solutions for image enhancement in diagnostic imaging.
Memic Innovative Surgery Life Sciences: Medical Devices Memic minimally invasive surgery system offers a unique design that enables a novel and intuitive approach of laparoscopic procedures.
MemTech Cleantech: Water Technologies Filtration membranes for wastewater treatment
Metabomed Life Sciences: Therapeutics Metabomed is developing solutions based around research on cancer metabolism and computational biology.
Microbot Medical (NASDAQ CM: MBOT) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Microbot Medical is a medical device company specialized in the researching, designing, developing and commercializing of the next generation of a micro-robotics assisted medical technologies.
Mobility Insight Communications: Mobile Applications Smart Urban Traffic Management Technology.
Moebius Medical Life Sciences: Therapeutics Novel and sustainable pain relief treatment for osteoarthritis.
Nanit Internet: Internet Applications Development of baby monitor devices connected through a mobile application, using computer vision and machine learning technologies.
NanoSpun Technologies Cleantech: Water Technologies NanoSpun is developing the building blocks of next-generation filtration, adsorption, separation and slow-release products
Nanosynex Life Sciences: Biologicals Develops a faster and more accurate test on a microfluidic device that will allow same day results and save healthcare costs.
Nanovation-GS Life Sciences: Medical Devices NanoVation-GS specializes in development, integration and utilization of nanomaterial-based sensors, towards medical applications and general purposes.
NewRocket Defense NewRocket is developing an innovative alternative to rocket fuel for the aerospace and defense industry.
Novocure (NASDAQ: NVCR) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Novocure is an oncology company pioneering a novel therapy for solid tumors called Tumor Treating Fields, or TTFields.
Nurami Medical Life Sciences: Medical Devices Nurami is a tissue engineering company that is developing synthetic tissue designed as a perishable substitute for dura matter tissue in neurosurgery.
Nutrinia Life Sciences: Therapeutics Nutrinia treats rare diseases of the GI tract by developing oral therapies that enhance GI adsorption and functionality.
OlfaGuard Life Sciences: Medical Devices OlfaGuard uses cutting edge Nanotechnology to identify pathogens in food by \\\"smelling\\\" their presence.
Perflow Medical Life Sciences: Medical Devices Based on the Butterfly Technological Platform, Perflow Medical is developing and commercializing products for the treatment of Neurovascular deficiencies such as ischemic stroke, Aneurysms and Vasospasm.
PixCell Medical Life Sciences: Diagnostics Portable medical diagnostic products for point of care testing.
Pluristem Therapeutics (FWB: PJT), (NASDAQ: PSTI), (TASE: PLTR) Life Sciences: Therapeutics Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. is developing off-the-shelf cell therapies for a variety of human diseases.
PML – Particles Monitoring Technologies Cleantech: Water Technologies PML has conceived, developed and patented a breakthrough in-process particle size analyzer (PSA). The PML system measures particle size and concentration, differentiating between distinct particle populations according to their optical properties.
Pneumedicare Life Sciences: Medical Devices Pneumedicare is a biomedical company that designs and develops novel devices for patients requiring continuous, non-invasive monitoring of the respiratory function and ventilation.
Prolor Biotech Life Sciences: Therapeutics PROLOR Biotech develops long acting versions of therapeutic drugs utilizing two technologies: CTP and Reversible PEGylation. The CTP technology was exclusively licensed from Washington University while Reversible-PEGylation was exclusively licensed from the Weizmann Institute.
Regentis Biomaterials Life Sciences: Medical Devices Regentis Biomaterials is a tissue repair company focused on developing and commercializing an innovative hydrogel platform for the repair of damaged tissue.
RenalSense Life Sciences: Diagnostics RenalSense has created a unique platform for Realtime Renal Diagnostics™. The company\'s products are focused on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and address a growing unmet need in the critical care market.
ReWalk Robotics (NASDAQ:RWLK) Life Sciences: Medical Devices Wearable robotic exoskeletons for individuals with spinal cord injury
Sandbox Model IT & Enterprise Software: Enterprise Applications SandboxModel provides cutting edge project management simulation solutions to help companies make better project related decisions.
Sanoculis Life Sciences: Medical Devices Sanoculis develops an alternative new surgical procedure for the treatment of the Glaucoma.
Sealantis Life Sciences: Medical Devices Sealantis develops innovative products based on a proprietary platform of alga-mimetic tissue adhesives, for a variety of applications and clinical needs in surgical adhesion, leakage control, adhesion-prevention and drug delivery.
Skyrad Cleantech: Materials Skyrad has developed proprietary photochromic and thermochromic dyes (e.g. chemical compounds that change color (reversible or irreversibly) on exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, or when expose to heat).
Slender Medical Life Sciences: Medical Devices Development of an innovative ultrasonic technology for non-invasive removal of tissue for the medical and aesthetic markets.
SLP Scientific Laboratory Products Life Sciences: Diagnostics SLP is a leading developer and manufacturer of physiological sensors for diagnosing sleep disorders. The company has developed SleepSense and specializes in physiological sensors for medical applications. SleepSense® is a brand name of SLP
Tehuti Networks Semiconductors: Network Processors Tehuti Networks Ltd. is a fabless semiconductor company focused on cost effective 10Gb Ethernet Network Traffic Accelerators, which enable volume adoption of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE).
TheWhollySee IT & Enterprise Software: Miscellaneous Software Development of a multi‐spectral camera tagging ‐ smart computer vision & tagging technology.
UltraSPECT Life Sciences: Medical Devices UltraSPECT is a leading supplier of Software Products for the Nuclear Medicine imaging practices providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for improved clinical outcomes and patient safety delivered by Gamma Cameras and PET.
Verifyoo IT & Enterprise Software: Security Biometric identification and authentication systems in cyberspace.
ViAqua Therapeutics Cleantech: Agro Technology ViAqua is developing therapeutics tailored for aquaculture.
Vigor Medical Technologies Life Sciences: Medical Devices Vigor Medical develops life saving devices for the treatment of chest trauma and thoracic/abdominal drainage.
WellToDo Cleantech: Water Technologies WellToDo is a water treatment start up with an innovative technology for the removal of various contaminants from drinking water and industrial waste water.
XACT Robotics Life Sciences: Medical Devices XACT Robotics is developing a novel platform technology for robotic needle steering in minimally invasive interventional procedures such as biopsies and ablations.